The Jewelry Design Awards are organized by the Spanish Gemological Institute in collaboration with the company Antonio Negueruela. Antonio Negueruela Gem Awards – AN GEM AWARDS – pay homage to Antonio Negueruela Fernández de Velasco, an eminent figure in colored gemstones promotion and commerce in the 20th Century in Spain.

The competition aims to promote jewelry design innovation as well as to popularize colored gemstones knowledge and charm.

Three categories are established which will be rewarded separately.

•    CLASSIC: The best jewelry design with colored gemstones with outstanding characteristics, mounted in gold or platinum, will get this prize. As stated on Point 3, only the design on paper should be submitted, accompanied by its technical description.

•    MADNESS: The best jewelry design with natural colored gemstones accompanied by any other material being neither gold nor platinum will get this prize. As stated on Point 3, only the design on paper should be submitted, accompanied by its technical description.

•    SPARKLE: The best design and cutting of colored gemstones (difficulty, perfection achieved in execution, innovation and optimal application of the material optical properties) will get this prize. In this case the gemstone itself should be submitted, accompanied by its technical description.

Both the theme and the technique will be of free choice, although the colored gemstones will remain the absolute main figure in all cases, not being allowed any allusion to trademarks.

2. PARTICIPANTS: The competition is open to participation for local and international designers and authors from any area. In submitting the Entrant’s Registration the entrant fully agrees to all these terms & conditions. The same entrant shall be entitled to participate in different categories as long as he/she shall submit different works for each one of them, up to two different works per category. The same work will not be eligible in more than one category and each work must meet all the participation requirements established for the category of submission.

3. REQUIREMENTS: All applicants must submit their jewelry designs in DIN A4 (210x297mm) format, being both accepted hand drawn originals and computer design prints. Decorative objects will not be eligible. Colored gemstones must be the work´s main figure, being only accepted diamonds as accompanying elements. An explanatory description for manufacturing of the jewel will be valued.

Every jewelry design shall be submitted with its technical description included in the registration form where the materials used, the gemstones weights and measures and other additional information will be carefully detailed. The colored gemstones must be natural ones, not being eligible neither synthetic and artificial stones nor any kind of pearls or any other gem materials of organic origin such as amber, coral, ivory, bone, etc.).

The gemstones presented for SPARKLE category shall have an original design specially created by the entrant (faceted gemstones, cabochons or carvings). The description of cutting design will be presented in DIN A4 format.

The gemstones can be cut in any natural or synthetic material and shall not be under 3 carats weight.

4. AWARDS: The cash prizes in each category will be the following:

•    CLASSIC: Award amount 2.000 euros.

•    MADNESS: Award amount 2.000 euros.

•    SPARKLE: Award amount 1.000 euros.

The cash prizes will be entirely awarded to the authors of each design. The award amounts will be subject to the withholding tax set out in national law.

The top three finalists for each category will be awarded a diploma.

The deadline for submission of works is Thursday, January 2nd, 2014.

Submission of works can be done in two ways:

a) Sending an e-mail to the following address: attaching the application form concerning the submitted work as well as a copy of the work ready to be printed in a DIN A4 size.

b)  Shipping the original work and registration form printed and duly fulfilled to the Spanish Gemological Institute, Calle Alenza 1 – 28003 Madrid, SPAIN. The original works can also be delivered at the IGE´s offices during normal Registry hours on appointment by calling the telephone number: +34 914 414 300.

Mode b) is the only possibility for SPARKLE award.

If the registration form has not been duly fulfilled and sent, the work it refers to will not be accepted for the competition.
The entrants must ship cut gemstones correctly protected and pay an insurance to cover them from the departure from their personal address to its reception at IGE and subsequent devolution.

The return of the entrant’s works will only be upon the explicit entrant’s request and it will be made throughout registered mail and freight collect shipment. All submitted works can be personally taken away from IGE´s offices on appointment and by presenting a correct identification document.

All the submitted works must be presented with a copy of their registration form and technical guide. Please find these documents attached in order to print and fill them in.

6. JURY’S DECISION: Jury´s decision will be unappealable and it will be announced at a public event which will have been previously communicated and no claim at all will be admitted about it. The jury reserves the right to declare the prizes void. Winners and finalists will be notified by e-mail, letter or telephone and, in addition, jury´s decision will also be published in the media. Winner and finalist designs and carved gemstones will be exhibited at a specific place reserved for that purpose at Spanish Gemological Institute´s offices or at any other location to be identified. The awards ceremony will be held at the 2014 INTERNATIONAL GEMOLOGICAL CONFERENCE. Complete written and graphic information concerning winner and finalist works as well as their authors will be sent to the media designed by the organization with a request for its publication.

The jury will be made up of renowned Jewelry, Design, Communication and Art figures. The sponsoring company Antonio Negueruela will have no influence at all on the jury´s opinions.

7. Entrants grant their express consent for the organization to process the personal data they have provided for their identification and to make it public, in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December, 13th, on the protection of personal data.

8. All image rights are reserved by the organization for publicizing in the media it deems appropriate.

The only final and valid terms & conditions concerning the IGE International Jewelry Design Awards – IV Antonio Negueruela Gem Awards are the present ones which will be published in general and professional media.

– Download this Terms and Registration form in PDF format –

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